Extended Warranty Registration

Products with warranty

Each one of our products will have different warranty terms and lengths. All our power tools come with 1-year warranty as standard, however, some manufacturers will offer an extended warranty so make sure you don't miss these offers as they normally end within a certain amount of days from purchasing the product. Warranty is not restricted to only power tools. 

Products With Warranty Extensions Available 

All warranty extensions offered by manufacturers are subject to the terms and conditions of that particular manufacturer. Product(s) must be registered to qualify for any warranty extension offered and failure to do so will forfeit any warranty extension offered. The warranty extensions are not offered by EPT Ireland directly but by the manufacturer. For any more details regarding warranties and/or warranty extensions please feel free to contact EPT Ireland. 

Warranty repairs/replacements 

This will be depending on the product, some products will be replaced under warranty and others repaired. Unfortunately, we do not get the choice in this matter as it is a decision the manufacturer will make, however, we will do our best to find the solution that suits you.

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