EDX EM12 110v 1100w 35mm Low Profile Magnetic Drill 390-650rpm 10kg

Code: PMGDR11-EDX-EM12
860.00 incl. VAT

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With a very low-profile, the EM12 Low Profile Mag Drill can be used in spaces previously impossible to reach with conventional mag-drills.
Despite a total height of only 198mm, conventional 35mm length cutters can still be used – there’s no requirement for special cutters.
Good balance for carrying.
Quick release arbor for fast cutter changes.
LED light for working in dark spaces.

Product Specifications

Clamping force kgs : 1500
Motor Watts : 1100
Speed rpm : 390
Length mm : 285
Width mm : 101
Height mm : 200
Weight kg : 10
Cutter Capacity mm : 35 x 30