GROZ Air Operated Grease Ratio Pump 50:1 for 25-50lb/20kg/5gals. Pails. Complete with Drum Cover, follower plate, high pressure

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GROZ Air Operated Grease Ratio Pump 50:1 

Compact Air Operated 50:1 Grease Ratio Pump 
Operates off most small compressors with size as small as 0.08 cubic meter / minute (3 cfm) 
Ideal for applications having continuous need for high pressure grease in Industry, Workshops, Farm etc. 
Zinc construction makes them suitable for mining applications 
2.83” (72 mm) dia. air motor 
Grease strainer at suction tube inlet, ensures clean grease to the bearing 
Non corroding air motor design allows the pump to be used without an air line lubricator 
Fitted with a pressure release valve- prevents both the pump & system against damage created by excessive pressure, possibly due to thermal expansion 

Comes complete with drum cover, rubber lined follower plate, 7’ (84”) of high pressure grease hose, Z swivel & professional grease control valve


Zinc, hard chrome plated steel, brass, nitrile & polyurethane rubber